Invoerservice, Fahrzeugbrief en CVO


Mocht u toch zelf een auto hebben aangeschaft buiten Nederland dan kunnen wij u tijd en geld besparen bij de invoer. Wij kennen het proces en verdienen onze kosten ruimschoots voor u terug. 

  • europese goedkeuring nodig?
  • Certficate of Conformity COC, Certificaat Van Overeenstemming CVO, Duitse brief of Fahrzeugbrief?
  • een bijzonder kenteken nodig?
  • betreft het een vrachtwagen?
  • kentekenpapieren kwijt?

Ook hier kunnen wij u van dienst zijn. Wij hebben goede internationale contacten en veelal voldoende kennis om uw probleem op te lossen. Het betreft hier vaak maatwerk. Neemt u daarom voor advies contact met ons op.

Importing and registering your non-EU car

Selling your cars to the EU?

Your chances of a successful sale can be easily increased. How? By making sure that the car you are selling is ready for registration in any EU member state. This includes technical adaptations, inspection by Government Officials, Governmental fees and legal registration. Once this is taken care of the car can easily be registered in a large number of EU countries which increases the chances of a sale!

Importing your car into the EU? Registering your non-EU car?

Avoid running into problems! The registration of a car from outside the EU can be a real nightmare when you are not familiar with the process. Not only for the consumer who does this "once in a lifetime" but even for professional EU car dealers making a business of importing cars!

Be aware: European importers will and can not issue a Certificate if Conformity for your non-EU vehicle!

Professional assistance

The good news is that Triple A Cars have a long experience in this field. We know what can and what can not be done, how to make the proper technical adaptions to a car and how to solve specific problems. We can also handle logistics, customs and storage for you. So get in touch with us if you are looking for professional assistance, whether  it is for one or one hundred cars. We're here to help you.

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